From quantified applicant to qualified employee.

We are a fast growing company and are always looking for new colleagues.

R&D team:

Product development manager (Lisbon, Portugal)
You are responsible to lead and mentor a best in class product developer team who is responsible for all technical innovation of new product development from concept to production for their respective categories.

JAVA Software developer (Lisbon, Portugal)
As part of our team-oriented approach to development, you will be involved in user interface design, application development, database definition, design and optimization using state of the art systems , ... Performs product design, bug verification, release testing, and beta support projects which may require research and analysis on complex software programs across multiple platforms.

Functional analist (Antwerp, Belgium) (Lisbon, Portugal)
You need to drive the design and development of our innovative software products. You will decipher customer needs, translate these needs into requirements, and define functional specifications for our software. You will work with top-notch engineers to transform complex needs into tangible software solutions. You will also assist our sales expert with business development efforts as needed, including preparation of training materials, conducting release readiness tasks, and so on.

DevOps specialist (Lisbon, Portugal)
We are looking for Developer Operations Specialists to create and maintain the systems and services required to operate our platform. As a Development Operations Specialist you will be a critical part of the development and operations process, developing and supporting product test and build tools and environments. You will work closely with the development and support teams to ensure efficiency in the build and test process.

UI/UX designer (Lisbon, Portugal)
We are looking for a talented UX/UI designer to join our team. You will work alongside our team members to think through user flows, create wireframes, and design new user interface concepts.

Mobile expert (Lisbon, Portugal)
As our mobile developer expert you will be an essential part of the team, ensuring our product is able to run on the 3 main platforms. As the firm will grow the role will later on evolve to a team leader position and the responsibilities will cover technical leading as well. You will be in charge for developing a stable mobile product and also assist in general product development.

Project manager (Europe, US)
He/she manages projects to appropriate and timely completion of projects; oversees project timeline development and maintenance; internally interfaces with ICT, data management and biostatistics, medical directors, liaison with investigators and clinical site staff.

Database engineer (Lisbon, Portugal)
Your role is to design, install, monitor, maintain, and performance tune production databases while ensuring high levels of data availability. You are also responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing database policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of databases and their accompanying software. You need to understand the latest principles about semantic web technologies and big data.

Administrative, Legal, HR, Finance

HR manager (Antwerp, Belgium)
The human resources manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the personnel department within qointa. This includes posting advertisements or approving advertisements for new employees, screening resumes and applications, setting interview appointments and being involved in the hiring process. He/she will provide employee supervision and evaluations, retrain employees, offer mediation services for struggling employees as well as firing employees that are not meeting standards. The ideal candidate needs to be aware of our stringent industry requirements.

Administrative assistant (Lisbon, Portugal)
The ideal candidate will have a passion for and understanding of sustainable business issues; a strong record of achievement; an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach; strong analytical and quantitative skills; and the ability to gain and maintain credibility, trust and support with senior executive constituencies. This position requires a high level of organizational skill; excellent attention to detail; the ability to work closely and intensely with the colleagues as well as with minimal supervision.

Sales & marketing

Account manager (Europe, US)
Overall responsibility for effectively managing long-term customer relationships. Design, recommend, and implement solutions across an entire corporate portfolio of products and services. Identify and resolve customer organizational, process, and technical issues by influencing or driving changes. The candidate preferably needs to have a lifescience degree.

Business development manager (Europe, US)
Overall responsibility for finding long-term customer relations. Help customers think about solutions across an entire corporate portfolio of products and services. The candidate preferably needs to have a lifescience degree.

Constantly recruiting. Please send your CV and a brief motivation to us